student grants

student grants

Are you a student wanting to attend ICFPM?

If you are a student interested in attending ICFPM, you may be eligible to apply for a grant to help supporting the costs of registration and lodging. 

The deadline to apply for a ICFPM2019 travel award is 8th February. You will be notified by 15th March.

Application Instructions

Student’s details:

  • Motivation to attend ICFPM (100 words max.)
  • Research interests (100 words max.)
  • Research achievements (200 words max.)
  • IEEE/NanoBioAp member?
Before starting your Student Travel Grant Application: Review these application checklists. Gathering the information before you start, will save you time. Remember to send your application form by 8th February. Fill out and submit the ICFPM Student Travel Award Application Form by using the link below.

Advisor’s details:

  • Name and affiliation
  • Email address
  • Recommendation letter (200 words max.)